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Lead Genie Monthly Base

$369.00 / month and a $299.00 setup fee

A complete, turn-key, all-in-one solution including a custom website, fully integrated CRM and marketing automation.


What's Included With Lead Genie?

Lead Genie is a 100% complete turn-key system made specifically for Insurance Agents. When you sign up with Lead Genie, you are signing up for a complete marketing system that will convert more leads and more opportunities!

Common Questions About Lead Genie

Lead Genie gives you everything you need to start turning your leads into closed sales opportunities. Through a fully managed service, Lead Genie provides a custom website, a CRM and fully-configured marketing automation workflows that have been tried and proven to get results.

While we provide the tools you need to turn leads into sales opportunities, Lead Genie is a fully managed solution. We’ve taken years of experience working with thousands of Insurance Agents to create and hone the perfect follow-up workflows that turn any lead into actual sales opportunities. As part of the managed solution, we build you a fully custom website, give you access to the marketing automation suite where we work our magic, and also a fully-functional CRM to track all your sales opportunities. The only thing you have to do is close new business.

An automated workflow is a set of steps designed specifically to get a lead to take the steps you need them to take; which for you is to become a new policyholder. You can watch a complete demo of the system here.

Any lead will work with Lead Genie — as long as basic information is collected such as email and phone number. As with any lead, it should be relevant to your industry and/or type of insurance you sell.

We’ve had agents close business on leads that were in their database from over 4 years ago! That’s part of the magic of the Lead Genie system. Through it’s proven follow up methods, it is able to convert leads any human agent would’ve given up on years ago!

To get started with Lead Genie, click Get Started, select the amount of contacts you currently have in your database, select the website template you like best, then let the Genie work his magic! All we need from you is your list of contacts and some general information for your website. You will receive an email after purchase that collects this information.

Yes! We have worked with the top producing agents in the country to replicate their entire sales & follow up process and put it on autopilot for you! You’ll see higher conversion rates and more booked business because of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Lead Genie system.

We do! You can sign up to become a referral here and earn a 15% recurring commission on everyone you refer!

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