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Lead Genie Marketing Automation System

Each Lead Genie system is custom-built for each client based on their specific campaign objectives. Our software is a true turn-key system. Each system is delivered ready to use so there is no time spent by your team to learn or set up the system. Our experts build all the campaigns so you can focus on closing more sales and growing your business. Schedule a free live demo. 

The Power of Lead Genie

Our Lead Genie Marketing Specialist Will Custom-Build Your System With
Predictable Results, Real-Time Data, and Supported By Experts.

Targeted Campaigns

Target the perfect audience with over 150 targeting filters and 1,800 data points on every audience to ensure your message is hitting the right person at exactly the right time.


Automated Follow Up

Our system is pre-designed to follow up with each prospect based on their interaction with the campaign. Never miss another follow up opportunity again.


Database Nurture

Keep your business top of mind with past and current customers with custom built nurture campaigns. Never lose another customer to a competitor again.


Customized CRM

All of your sales opportunities and leads will be auto populated into a custom built CRM to easily assign leads, manage sales, and provide a single access point for your entire team.

Consumer Buying Habits

Our system uses machine learning and AI to quickly identify prospects that are interested in learning more about your business. Our proprietary lead-scoring algorithm that will instantly notify your team of every sales opportunity to maximize your teams performance.

Marketing Automaton Stats

The key to any successful marketing is having a laser targeted audience, custom branded messages, consistent delivery, and deep data tracking. Our proprietary lead scoring system identifies leads then segments the leads by accurately predicting their intent and probability of closing.
Lead Genie Features
Features Always Look Good On A Demo But If The Feature Isn't Used & Used Correctly It Becomes Useless. Our Team of Experts Builds Every System For You So That Each Feature You Need Is Used To Maximize Your Results. With Lead Genie Your System Is Customized And Supported Each Step of The Way To Maximize ROI. Sales Teams With Real-Time Notifications of Prospects Engagements Spend More Time Closing Sales & Less Time Chasing Prospects.

Lead Genie Automation

Our proven system will target your perfect audience with 150+ filters. We deliver custom-branded marketing campaigns that tracks and analyzes every engagement the prospect has with the campaign. Our lead scoring system develops a unique score of every prospect to identify their probability of closing. Once a lead is identified your team is instantly notified with the event details of the prospect, what action they took, what they engaged with, pages viewed,. A full history of every interaction is stored in the lead profile to develop a highly accurate buyer profile to increase sales performance.

Traditional Marketing

Paid marketing campaigns take an enormous amount of time to build, manage, and maintain. The costs are unpredictable and although there are data points showing traffic and conversion numbers all of the visitor data is anonymous. What good is an impression if you don't know who saw it? What can you do with an ad click or a website visit if you don't know who the person is that is on the site. Marketers will call these "conversions" but what can you do as a business with anonymous views, clicks, and impressions? The answer is simple nothing other than spend more money.

Maximize Marketing Success

Automate Your Prospecting. Automate Your Client Nurture Campaigns. Automated Follow-Up Process. Data Insights To Increase Closing Rates.



Our automated marketing campaigns are tested and proven with a long track record of success. Our strategy is backed by data and have been proven in dozens of industries.


Our entire platform is custom-built for each client based on their specific needs. Our marketing strategist custom build each system fully before delivery.

Laser Targeted

All of our campaigns and all of our audiences are laser targeted using AI, 150+ filters and over 1,800 data-points to create highly predictable results every time.

Lead Genie Results

Lead Genie works great with any data-sets to find viable sales opportunities on autopilot. You can also target new prospects using over 150 filters to drive new customers daily.
Put Your Prospecting On Autopilot

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our System Below

The Lead Genie system has many features and at it’s core the Lead Genie system is designed to drive new leads using our proven marketing campaigns. 

There are many platforms that will provide similar features the core difference between Lead Genie and other systems is that our team of marketing experts will custom build your entire system, manage the campaigns, and ensure your system is delivering the results your company needs. We are more than just a technology platform we are a fully managed service. 

Lead Genie is perfect for any business that is looking to nurture their existing data-base, manage inbound leads, generate new leads for their team, target market new customers to drive sales. 

Your Lead Genie system will be custom built, and set-up by our team of marketing experts. Your system will be ready to use the day it’s delivered. 

To get started with Lead Genie, click Get Started, select the amount of contacts you currently have in your database, select the website template you like best, then let the Genie work his magic! All we need from you is your list of contacts and some general information for your website. You will receive an email after purchase that collects this information.

There is no contracts to sign with the Lead Genie system. We have monthly and annual options without any contract to sign.