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Generate Leads On Autopilot With Lead Genie

We have worked with the top producing agents in the country to replicate their entire sales & follow up process. With advances in technology we can now have their exact system running in your office on autopilot!

Fully Automated Lead Generation System

Lead Genie is not just another lead management tool, or system that you need to figure out how to work on your own. Lead Genie is a turn-key, managed platform that we fully build, implement, run, and maintain for you!

The only thing you need to do is close the deals!

Designed specifically for insurance agents, Lead Genie was built to Generate Exclusive Leads in real time, We automate the sales process, the follow-up sequence, and re-marketing efforts for your entire team.

Our propriety lead scoring system will score the leads to keep your team on the phone with ONLY prospects that are ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN GETTING A QUOTE. No more wasting time calling dead end leads!

Lead Genie not only generates new sales opportunities daily but is perfect for any lead source. Your team will be able to handle 1000’s of leads a month seamlessly, on autopilot, and without missing a single follow up opportunity.


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What's Included With Lead Genie?

Get exclusive and targeted leads in real time delivered to your sales team DAILY. All our leads are 100% exclusive and validated by our 100% transparent marketing system. You will see every single campaign, and know exactly where your leads are coming from!

We don’t just generate leads, we also handle all of the prospecting, sales follow up campaigns, automated emails, sms campaigns, more…

Lead Genie is a service in which we provide to you…basically Lead Genie becomes a member of your team.

Using both your existing database, any new databases, or leads you acquire, we input them into your custom and personalized Lead Genie system and then we release a series of tested and proven emails and messages that help turn a cold internet lead into a REAL sales opportunity or a REAL quote request…

Meanwhile, all of this is tracked and easily displayed for you inside of a CRM so that ALL you have to do is simply call a lead as soon as they’ve shown interest and work to close the business. 

The Lead Genie System Includes:

    • Fully customized website – so that you can directly receive quote requests which means less cold calling
    • Fully customized CRM & SALES PIPELINE so that can easily track opportunities, quote requests, deliveries, and x-dates which means you’ll never miss a sale.
    • Tested and Proven Prospecting Automations so that you can capitalize from our experience working with over 1800 agents both independent and captive.
    • Automated Email Marketing (turn-key) so that you can spend less time copy and pasting and more time selling.
    • Automated SMS Campaigns (included, but optional) so that you can reach people where they’re at.
    • Integrated site tracking so that you can see how leads are interacting with your website(included in the system) and when is a good time to call them!

Want to see inside a Lead Genie System? Watch a demo!


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Common Questions About Lead Genie

Lead Genie gives you everything you need to start turning your leads into closed sales opportunities. Through a fully managed service, Lead Genie provides a custom website, a CRM and fully-configured marketing automation workflows that have been tried and proven to get results.

While we provide the tools you need to turn leads into sales opportunities, Lead Genie is a fully managed solution. We’ve taken years of experience working with thousands of Insurance Agents to create and hone the perfect follow-up workflows that turn any lead into actual sales opportunities. As part of the managed solution, we build you a fully custom website, give you access to the marketing automation suite where we work our magic, and also a fully-functional CRM to track all your sales opportunities. The only thing you have to do is close new business.

An automated workflow is a set of steps designed specifically to get a lead to take the steps you need them to take; which for you is to become a new policyholder. You can watch a complete demo of the system here.

Any lead will work with Lead Genie — as long as basic information is collected such as email and phone number. As with any lead, it should be relevant to your industry and/or type of insurance you sell.

We’ve had agents close business on leads that were in their database from over 4 years ago! That’s part of the magic of the Lead Genie system. Through it’s proven follow up methods, it is able to convert leads any human agent would’ve given up on years ago!

To get started with Lead Genie, click Get Started, select the amount of contacts you currently have in your database, select the website template you like best, then let the Genie work his magic! All we need from you is your list of contacts and some general information for your website. You will receive an email after purchase that collects this information.

Yes! We have worked with the top producing agents in the country to replicate their entire sales & follow up process and put it on autopilot for you! You’ll see higher conversion rates and more booked business because of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Lead Genie system.

We do! You can sign up to become a referral here and earn a 15% recurring commission on everyone you refer!

Real. Proven. Results.

The Most Innovative Lead Generation & Automation System The Insurance Industry Has Ever Seen. Get Lead Genie Now!

Fully Customized Turn Key Solution

98% of insurance agents are marketing to get new leads. 86% of insurance agents are purchasing internet leads yet only 11% of insurance agents are using a lead management system or CRM. When asked, agents indicated they don't have a system in place because it's either too expensive, complicated, or too time consuming to implement into their agency. Our system is a true TURN KEY solution that is FULLY customized, and integrated into your agency by our team with NO SET UP or TRAINING NEEDED BY YOU.

Lead Generation, Lead Management & CRM

With Lead Genie your team spends less time prospecting and more time closing. Most agents waste 70% of their day calling prospects that aren't interested in the first place. Lead Genie does most of the prospecting for your team on auto-pilot, and cultivating the contacts until the prospects are ready to buy! Our system will identify every sales opportunity and notify your team in real time. Every sales opportunity is automatically placed into the CRM for sales tracking & forecasting. Our system gets your team OFF COLD CALLS and ON CLOSING CALLS with HOT LEADS!

Marketing Automation and Re-targeting

Lead Genie tracks every interaction the contacts / leads have with the platform and automatically tags or segments the prospects based on those interactions. The system is fully integrated with Facebook & Google in order to build hyper-targeted custom audiences to deliver high quality re-targeting campaigns. Lead Genie also has lead a scoring matrix that scores each lead based on their probability of closing, giving your team insights on which leads to call and when to call them. There is no system in the industry this robust!